Fresh or artificial flowers or plants and other decorations may be placed at any time during the year. Wilted plant material will be removed during the next mowing or clean-up. Artificial decorations will remain in place until weathered. All decorations, including containers, that remain on graves after September 15 will be removed and discarded regardless of condition during the fall cleanup. Non-glass containers are much preferred for safety reasons.

Purchasing a burial site

When a burial site is purchased from the Marshall Cemetery a “Right to Bury” is issued. It identifies the location and signifies that the described property has been sold to the purchaser for the purpose of burial of human remains.

A separate “Authorization For Burial” is issued to the purchaser of each grave. If it is known for whom it was purchased, the appropriate information may be filled in, and the document signed and notarized. It may then be returned to the Cemetery Association at its mailing address, where it will be filed until needed. Otherwise, the completed form must be presented when the space is to be opened.

Cemetery rules require the use of a concrete grave liner. These are usually obtained through the funeral home and the cost added to the funeral charges.

One grave space is required for a casket burial. Two cremations are permitted in one space. One full casket and one cremation are allowed in one space. Cremations may be inurned concurrently or consecutively. When a casket burial and cremation occupy the same space, the burial must precede the inurnment.


This cemetery is not a perpetual care facility. The Association operates with funds it receives for its services, from donations, and from the sale of burial sites. Interest from a trust provides additional annual revenue. Donations and memorial contributions are always appreciated.

The Association provides spring clean-up (just before Memorial Day), and mowing and general landscape grooming from time to time throughout the balance of the year as necessary and as funds are available.